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'iPhone 6s' Logic Board Suggests 16GB Base Model and Updated NFC Hardware

New images of the logic board from the next-generation "iPhone 6s" have been obtained by 9to5Mac, a few days after the site shared photos from an unnamed source which showed that a new, updated Qualcomm LTE chip could be in store for the iPhone this year. Today's images suggest that, on top of the Qualcomm chip's faster LTE speeds and increased energy efficiency, the iPhone 6s will include fewer chips that are collectively more efficient, updated NFC hardware for Apple Pay, and likely the same 16GB entry-level capacity seen on current iPhones.

The Toshiba flash memory chip shown in the photos has a 16GB capacity based on the "G7" in the part number, and was built using a 19nm production process. This suggests that the new line of iPhones this year will once again offer a starting storage option of 16GB, likely supplemented with the same 64GB and 128GB options at higher price points seen currently.

While many have complained 16GB is not enough entry-level storage as HD video and space-hungry apps have proliferated, recently Apple SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller claimed the company's cloud-focused services, like the just-launched Apple Music, help alleviate some of the storage stresses on low-end storage configurations. Other changes with iOS 9 such as smaller iOS update sizes and app thinning to load only the app assets needed for a particular device, will also help trim down storage needs.

On the NFC side of the new iPhone, the new chip inside the iPhone 6s is again from NXP but with a new 66VP2 part number compared to the 65V10 part in the iPhone 6. Chip teardown experts at Chipworks were unclear, however, exactly what kind of improvements such a chip will bring to the new line of smartphones, although they posit it could be eliminating the need for a separate secure element processor altogether and folding the two into one chip.

Echoing earlier rumors, today's images suggest once again that the iPhone 6s will remain identical in look and shape to its predecessor, as seen in a case maker's design drawings and logical for the continuation of the "S" generation trend. Any changes in dimensions would be negligible, leaving the device compatible with nearly all existing iPhone 6 cases and accessories.

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54 months ago
what a joke

2009 - 3G S - VGA video recording (640 by 480) - 16GB base storage

2015 - 6s - 4K video recording (3840 by 2160) - 16GB base storage

Rating: 164 Votes
54 months ago
16GB storage again? Fail.
Rating: 128 Votes
54 months ago
My biggest regret is buying the 16GB iPhone. Please make 32 the entry level!
Rating: 61 Votes
54 months ago
Why can't they just up the base model to 32 GB already?
Rating: 51 Votes
54 months ago
You still need to get the content on the device before you can upload it to the cloud...
Rating: 45 Votes
54 months ago
It's 2015 Apple -_-
Rating: 34 Votes
54 months ago
"We decided to go for a 16 GB entry-level iPhone so that you can film 4 minutes in 4K only and enjoy every second of it" Jonathan Ive
Rating: 34 Votes
54 months ago
Seriously **** this 16gig ********. Apple need to get their **** together this is ridiculous
Rating: 34 Votes
54 months ago
They only make the 16gb because people buy it.

If you stop buying it, they'll stop making it, is that simple.
Rating: 33 Votes
54 months ago
They've got balls. I'll give them that.
Rating: 32 Votes

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