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2015 Apple Design Award Winners Announced: Fantastical 2, Workflow, Crossy Road, and More

Following today's Worldwide Developers keynote, Apple held an event to announce the winners of its prestigious Apple Design Awards. Apple's Design Awards are handed out each year and highlight a selection of the year's best apps available on iOS and Mac, honoring all kinds of apps from utilities to games.

Apple created its design awards to recognize high-quality apps that combine design and technology in creative, compelling, and powerful ways. Along with significant recognition and a trophy, Apple gives its Design Award winners a selection of Apple products each year.

This year's winners include popular calendar app Fantastical 2, personal automation tool Workflow, and stock trading app Robinhood. Games recognized included Shadowmatic and Crossy Road.

iOS and Mac
- Shadowmatic [iOS]
- Robinhood [iOS]
- Crossy Road [iOS]
- Workflow [iOS]
- Does Not Commute [iOS]
- Vainglory [iOS]
- Pacemaker [iOS]
- Metamorphabet [iOS]
- Fantastical 2 [Mac]
- Affinity Designer [Mac]

Student Winners
- Jump-O [iOS]
- Elementary Minute [iOS]

2014 winners of the Apple Design Awards included Threes!, Leo's Fortune, Blek, and Monument Valley. 2013 winners included Letterpress, Yahoo! Weather, and Evernote.

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37 months ago
Well deserved for Affinity Designer. It's the first real competitor to Adobe's Illustrator, and with a ten times more elegant interface.( and an insanely low price )
Rating: 5 Votes
37 months ago

Fantastical 2 is incredible. Totally deserving. Particularly considering the price on iOS

Yes, but way overpriced (update) on Mac.
Rating: 5 Votes
37 months ago
Fantastical is certainly worthy. Especially good to see them recognised as they are in direct competition to one of Apple's core apps. Something that wasn't even allowed back when the App Store started.
Rating: 3 Votes
37 months ago
Fantastical 2 is incredible. Totally deserving. Particularly considering the price on iOS
Rating: 3 Votes
36 months ago

Neither the OSX nor iOS versions of Fantastical 2 support Travel Time, allegedly because the API for it is private and so not available for developers. According to the UI, the Travel Time is nonexistent. Though the alerts do go off at the correct time.

It's relevant because it puts them at a decided disadvantage, selling calendar apps on the various App Stores that aren't able to support all the features available in iCloud-based calendars.


Travel Time is very different from Time Travel. You shouldn't get mad at him for your mistake in communicating.
Rating: 1 Votes
37 months ago

Hilarious that Fantastical wins, despite Apple not sharing the Travel Time API with the developers.

Huh? They clearly demoed a third party complication responding to Time Travel. Also: how is that relevant?
Rating: 1 Votes
37 months ago
Nice. I really look forward to this list each year. Hopefully all of these developers will see a nice sales spike for getting an award.
Rating: 1 Votes

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