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Apple Releases iOS 8.1.1 With Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s

After two weeks of testing, Apple has released iOS 8.1.1, a minor update that includes several bug fixes. Apple first seeded the iOS 8.1.1 beta to developers on November 3.

iOS 8.1.1 is available immediately as an over-the-air download. Apple has also released new Apple TV software and an update to OS X Yosemite, OS X 10.10.1.

According to Apple's release notes, iOS 8.1.1 includes bug fixes and increased stability and performance improvements for both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4s, two of the older devices that support the operating system.

iOS 8.1.1 may offer several bug fixes, but as a minor update, it does not bundle in any of the major new features that are rumored for iOS 8, like improvements to Maps and split-screen multitasking for the iPad. These updates may come in iOS 8.2 or iOS 8.3, both of which Apple is rumored to be working on.

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62 months ago
Fantastic that Apple still cares about people who bought the 4S in 2011. Android OEMs would have abandoned such users years ago.
Rating: 40 Votes
62 months ago
Don't know why everyone's complaining... iOS 8.1 has been pretty darn smooth for me.
Rating: 35 Votes
62 months ago
I hesitated to download it right away. You took my trust away Apple, after 8.0.1. :p
Rating: 26 Votes
62 months ago
Downloading and installing right now...
Rating: 25 Votes
62 months ago

Performance Improvements for iPad 2 and iPhone 4s

So I guess 8.1.1 downloads and installs iOS 6?
Rating: 23 Votes
62 months ago
Updated. It's currently crashing every 10 secs, Siri is cursing at me, and iMessage is sending porn to my family. I should have known! Apple has really had trouble with their bug fix releases lately.
Rating: 18 Votes
62 months ago

Avoid like the plague.

Based on what? it's been out 15 minutes? Should probably craislist all your stuff and move on to windows or android..
Rating: 15 Votes
62 months ago
It's so sad that people are hesitant to update these days before reading reviews because since iOS 7 updates tend to bring more bugs than fix them.
Rating: 12 Votes
62 months ago

Why is this showing up on my 6 Plus? SMH Apple.

It's showing up on all devices. It's not just for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, there are bug fixes and stability improvements for all devices.
Rating: 12 Votes
62 months ago
Wow, the difference this makes is just... unnoticeable.
Rating: 12 Votes

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