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Apple Reportedly Weighing $400 Price Range for Upcoming Wearable Device

iwatch_concept_ifoyucouldseeIn the latest of a string a reports regarding Apple's plans for its upcoming wearable device, Re/code reports company executives have "discussed" a rough price of $400 for the device. That is merely a range, however, with cheaper models perhaps also in the works.
Apple executives have discussed charging around $400 for the company’s new wearable device.

Pricing has yet to be finalized for the forthcoming product, which is expected to begin shipping next year. Sources say consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions.
The report indicates that it is unclear whether Apple will have the pricing issue settled in time for its September 9 media event where it will reportedly show off the device, popularly referred to as the iWatch. If not, the company would remain silent on pricing for the time being and announce it a later date closer to launch, which may not occur until early next year.

Rumors regarding the wearable device have been inconsistent over time, making it unclear where on the spectrum of health and fitness band to true smart watch it will fall. Apple may, however, have altered its announcement schedule in order to better position the device as an iPhone accessory rather than as a standalone product.

(Image: iWatch concept from

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54 months ago
If true, this is a no buy for me.
Rating: 82 Votes
54 months ago
Some of these renderings are pretty hideous. I wouldn't pay $400 for half of them.
Rating: 45 Votes
54 months ago
$199 sounds good
Rating: 44 Votes
54 months ago
People have no idea what the device does (if it exists), but are giving price ranges at which it'd sell like 'hotcakes', and what's too expensive. Lol.
Rating: 38 Votes
54 months ago
That's too expensive, there is no way.
Rating: 35 Votes
54 months ago
$400 is too much, $199, it will sell like hotcakes.
Rating: 34 Votes
54 months ago
Too high for an accessory with a short shelf life.
Rating: 30 Votes
54 months ago
Only $400? Darn. Can you pay more if you want to?
Rating: 29 Votes
54 months ago
Doable if the high price is $199. To be an accessory to the iPhone it has to be economical at least.
Rating: 26 Votes
54 months ago
So for that much, a watch or an iPad mini...

I think I know which I'd rather buy.
Rating: 22 Votes

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