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Unreleased 'Mid 2014' Mac Mini Referenced on Apple Support Page

An Apple support page on Boot Camp was updated yesterday to include a mention of a mid-2014 Mac mini, perhaps hinting that a refresh of the desktop computer might be in the works.

First noticed by 9to5Mac, a cached version of the support page suggests yesterday's update also added mentions of the 2014 low-cost iMac and 2014 MacBook Airs. Today's newly released mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pros were not added to the updated page.

The mention of the mid-2014 Mac mini may be a simple error, but the machine is long overdue for a refresh. Last updated in October of 2012, the Mac mini is the only product in Apple's mainstream Mac lineup that has not seen an update with Haswell processors.

Aside from the mention on Apple's support page, there has been no indication that a Mac mini refresh is on the horizon. Several events, including the unveiling of the new iPads last October and Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference seemed like opportune times for the company to unveil a refreshed version of the desktop computer, but no new Mac mini materialized at either event. It continues to remain unclear when Apple might release a new Mac mini, but the support page does offer hope that the product line might continue to live on.

An updated Mac mini would likely offer some improvements brought to the rest of Apple's Mac lineup over the course of the last two years, including Haswell processors, faster PCI Express-based flash storage options, and 802.11ac WiFi.

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65 months ago
My body and prepared pertinent graphics are ready:

Rating: 68 Votes
65 months ago
At last a mini rumour!!!!
Rating: 61 Votes
65 months ago
It's about time.
Rating: 26 Votes
65 months ago

At last a mini rumour!!!!

I just wish this new Mac Mini will include a real video card, not Intel Graphics crap.
Rating: 17 Votes
65 months ago
Yay! I hope it has some decent graphics cards.
Rating: 15 Votes
65 months ago
The disregard Apple shows for the Mini is really getting played out.
People like it, people want it, so stop starving it so you can sell more iMacs.

I own a Mini, I will always buy a Mini and I will never buy an iMac.
I know I'm not the only one and I have money waiting to be spent.
Stop the insanity
Rating: 13 Votes
65 months ago
Let's hope this is accurate. Definitely would like to upgrade my 2011 model at work for a quad-core model since I am doing more editing.

The "Mid-2014" monicker also points to a release soon. Anything after September would be "late-2014."
Rating: 10 Votes
65 months ago

Why not just get an iMac ?

Because I don't want to pay for an integrated screen that I don't love...
Rating: 10 Votes
65 months ago

Generally, Apple considers anything up until October 'mid' for model year purposes.

Not quite, here is the list of 'late' models for the last couple of years:
* rMBP, Late 2013, introduced: October
* rMBP, Late 2012, introduced: October
* MBP, Late 2011, introduced: October
* MBP, Late 2008, introduced: October
* iMac, Late 2013, introduced: September
* iMac, Late 2012, introduced: October
* iMac, Late 2011, introduced: August
* iMac, Late 2009, introduced: October
* Mac mini, Late 2012, introduced: October
* Mac mini, Late 2009, introduced: October
* Mac mini, Late 2006, introduced: September
* Mac mini, Late 2005, introduced: September

And now for the ones with a 'Mid' label:

* rMBP, Mid 2012, introduced: June
* MBP, Mid 2012, introduced: June
* MBP, Mid 2010, introduced: April
* MBP, Mid 2009, introduced: June
* iMac, Mid 2011, introduced: May
* iMac, Mid 2010, introduced: June
* iMac, Mid 2009, introduced: April
* iMac, Mid 2007, introduced: August
* Mac mini, Mid 2011, introduced: July
* Mac mini, Mid 2010, introduced: June
* Mac mini, Mid 2007, introduced: August

And finally the 'Early' label:

* MBP, Early 2011, introduced: February
* MBP, Early 2009, introduced: January
* MBP, Early 2008, introduced: February
* iMac, Early 2013, introduced: March
* iMac, Early 2009, introduced: March
* Mac mini, Early 2008, introduced: April
* Mac mini, Early 2009, introduced: March

The rule seems fairly simple, dividing the year into three 'seasons' means each 'season' is four months long and thus:
* Early: January, February, March, April
* Mid: May, June, July, August
* Late: September, October, November, December,

with only one exception in 2011 where there was a 'Mid' iMac release in May and a second one in August and to differentiate between them the latter was labelled 'Late'.
Rating: 9 Votes
65 months ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the Mac Mini looked like this lol. Actually, why not? What if Apple instead decides to create a Mac Pro Mini instead?
Rating: 8 Votes

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