OS X Yosemite Public Beta Now Available via Mac App Store Redemption Codes

In line with yesterday's announcement, Apple today made available a pre-release version of OS X Yosemite to consumers who signed up for the company's OS X public beta program. Public beta program members can access promo codes through the beta program website that allow them to download Yosemite from the Mac App Store for free.

Early reviews of the pre-release build are favorable, with several reviewers noting improvements in Safari, Messaging and Notifications. Notably missing from the beta, however, are the highly anticipated Continuity features that allow for the integration of OS X with an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8, as only Yosemite is included in the program.

To sign up for the beta program, users must have a Mac running OS X Mavericks and need to register with an Apple ID on Apple's website. Apple cautions members to install the OS on a secondary Mac as it is beta software and may cause unexpected errors or other issues. Enrollment in the beta program is limited to the first one million registrants.

MacRumors readers who want to discuss the beta can do so in our Yosemite forum, which has tips on troubleshooting, comments on new features, and more.

Apple is expected to release OS X Yosemite to the general public later this year, possibly following an October event that also may be used to unveil the iWatch and new iPad models.

Update 12:25 PM PT: Some users who have signed up for the Yosemite beta have encountered an error indicating their beta codes have already been used. Apple suggests that users getting that error message refresh the beta program redemption page to generate a new code.

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72 months ago
I guess I should have just waited until October.

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72 months ago
Ok guys,

I got the code already redeemed error. Signed up after WWDC. etc etc

I finally am downloading Yosemite. How?


Scroll down to the end of the page. Click Leave Program. Leave.

Go to the beta program page. Click sign up. Enter your ID again.

It will give you a new code. Copy and paste it manually into the AppStore.

It will accept and start downloading.

Oh, also, it will give you the "We'll be back page" again and again. Just hit reload when that happens.

Apple. It Just Works.
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72 months ago

Is it Risky to download this if I only have one mac to try it out on?



Nah...it's a Beta, so it's 100% stable.


No kidding...

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72 months ago
This is the part I'm worry about Apple releasing Yosemite as public beta when so many people will jump on it... Wonder how many people will read this before flipping the switch

Enabling iCloud Drive
After you install the OS X Yosemite Beta, you will be asked whether you wish to upgrade your account to iCloud Drive. If you choose to upgrade your account, iCloud Documents and Data will be disabled on devices that are not running OS X Yosemite or iOS 8. iCloud Drive will be available only on other Macs using the OS X Yosemite Beta and iOS devices running iOS 8. If you want to continue using iCloud Documents and Data on devices with earlier versions of OS X and iOS, you should not upgrade your account to iCloud Drive.

Next complaint is... Yosemite sucks, I can't get to my iCloud documents from iOS7 / OS X 10.9
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72 months ago
Apparently my code has already been redeemed???
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72 months ago

Check your purchases, you might be surprised ;)

*checks purchases*
nope... nothing.
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72 months ago

Still no code for me, looks like they're sending them out piece meal?

Mine wasn't emailed, but I could download it from the beta website after I signed in with my Apple ID.
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72 months ago
I'm inclined to wait til 10.11 comes out to upgrade to 10.10.

That way I can just enjoy the fully mature release of it.
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72 months ago

Guys I downloaded and installed this in under an hour! I don't know what you guys are doing but you are doing it wrong! The new system looks beautiful!
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72 months ago

There is an outrage because Apple ran this through their hype machine and under delivered. Not to mention that the public beta page said that when you signed up for the beta, Apple would send you an email with you're activation code. But alas, no joy....

Because if you're gonna do an open public beta, you do an open public beta. This clearly was a broken process that has failed since they "opened" it. Have it work, or, don't have one at all.

It's pretty simple...

Very meta. People complaining that a beta test program isn't working right and not up to snuff.

Seriously, it's just a beta. Surely you guys have more important things to do today. Just put it down and do something more productive and come back later when demand has be satiated a bit.

I imagine w/ Apple pushing out up to 1m codes it's servers are getting quite slammed right now.
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