250 New Emoji Introduced Today, May See Inclusion in Future Versions of iOS

The Unicode Consortium today announced version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard, which will see the introduction of approximately 250 new emoji that could be included in future versions of the Android and iOS operating systems.

According to the Unicode Consortium, the new emoji characters are primarily derived from characters used in the Wingdings and Webdings fonts, as seen in an example image:

As noted by The Verge, Unicode member platforms like iOS and Android will need to implement support for the new standard and create pictographs to represent the emoji, which are only described by Unicode in plain text.

A full list of the new emoji names can be found on Emojipedia, which includes descriptions for each future emoji. A few examples are posted here:

- "white sun behind cloud"
- "man in business suit levitating"
- "derelict house building"
- "chipmunk"
- "flying envelope"
- "reversed hand with middle finger extended"

Earlier this year, Apple began working with the Unicode Consortium to introduce more characters to its emoji offerings, adding diversity to the character set, but this update does not seem to focus on people emoji.

The Unicode update will also see the addition of new currency symbols for the Russian ruble and Azerbaijani manat, 23 lesser-used and historic scripts, plus many other symbols.

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72 months ago
White girls rejoice.
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72 months ago
"reversed hand with middle finger extended"

seriously ?!?
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72 months ago
The Typical MacRumors users described through emoticons:

;) The ones who make some clever comment that has a double meaning. Or the ones who repeat something that has been said too much (Safari is snappier)

:D :apple: The fanboys who praise Apple no matter what they do (These new emojis make Apple the most innovative company)

:o The ones who were completely wrong about their predictions (The iPhone will never have third party keyboards)

:( The ones who think Apple is going downhill (Bigger screen? Apple is running out of ideas)

:) The helpful ones who simply report the facts. (You can go to https://www.apple.com/ios/ios8/icloud-drive/ to find out more about iCloud Drive)

:confused: The ones who question all of Apple's business decisions. (3 million for Beats? What are they doing?)

:eek: The ones who overreact to all news. (OS X Yosemite was designed for retina screens? Screw you Apple. You don't think my 2010 MacBook is good enough?)

:mad: The ones who get mad...very easily. (This is bull!@#$. My next device will be a Samsung Galaxy. I hope you're happy, Apple, you lazy #$*!)

:rolleyes: The ones who make snarky sarcastic comments. (Yeah, Tim Cook totally cares that he's losing such a loyal customer.)

:cool: The ones who like to brag. (Actually, I have a 64 GB gold iPhone 5S, so I am on the latest hardware, thank you very much.)

:p The trolls that seem to increase in number each day. (Jony Ive should apply his thinner design principles to himself)

What does this have to do with the new emoji? I don't know. I was bored. :D
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72 months ago
Wow. This is totally the news I've been waiting for all year.

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72 months ago
Live long and prosper would be the only one I would ever use
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72 months ago
- "reversed hand with middle finger extended"

There's the one I'll be using!!!
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72 months ago
Finally I'll be able to accurately describe the hovering business men I keep seeing.
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72 months ago
Finally I can describe my desire to my friends to be a man in a business suit levitating in a derelict house building while a chipmunk rides a flying envelope in the background with a white sun setting behind a cloud!
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72 months ago
Still no bacon! lol
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72 months ago

in the new beta there's a feature "translate to emoticon".

Using the front camera of your device, Apple developped a specific algorithm to map the closest emoticon to your experessions

Let's see it find an emoticon for this selfie!

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