Samsung's Smart Watch Commercial Pays Homage to Early Apple iPhone Ad

This weekend, Samsung began running new television ads for its Galaxy Gear smart watch. The ads, which have received positive feedback from critics, pay homage to the first ads from another revolutionary device: the iPhone.

The ad from Samsung uses movie clips from "Star Trek", "Dick Tracy", "Knight Rider", and others with actors using their watches to communicate. The clip ends with a normal person using their Samsung Galaxy Gear, referencing a long-running pop culture fascination with wrist phones.

Six years ago, Apple used a similar ad to introduce the iPhone during the 2007 Academy Awards, stringing together movie clips of characters answering the phone.

Apple is rumored to have a smart watch in development that would compliment existing iOS devices with biometrics and other feature integration. It is expected to be released sometime late next year.

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82 months ago
Next year.
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82 months ago
"Homage". Another word for "stealing".


(Or am I?)
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82 months ago
Gosh, I remember watching that 'Hello' ad for the first time back in 2007. The iPhone is really special.

Samsung copied a great commercial for a revolutionary product and created an okay commercial for a terrible product. We'll forget about the Gear in a couple of years or less.
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82 months ago
They steal everything don't they?
Rating: 43 Votes
82 months ago

So, where is the homage?

Starts at 00:00 in the video.
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82 months ago

They steal everything don't they?

Samsung should have waited until Apple released their iWatch and copied it, instead they wasted all that time and money on a watch that no one will buy/use.

I haven't seen a positive review on the Galaxy Gear. Is there one?
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82 months ago

Next year.

Yup! you got it right :)
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82 months ago
Jeez Samsung... This is a stealing spree... They copied all of those????

The Apple Ad
Star Trek
Inspector Gadget
Dick Tracy
My aunt Jessica
My dog Sparky

Oh my god... can't they think of anything original???? :p
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82 months ago
Too long

It's too long. They could've made it more more "exciting" by cutting out some parts.
Also, the UI-control reminds me of the iPod nano.
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82 months ago
Why should one answer the watch (so unnatural and sure with lot of background noise) and not using a Bluetooth Headset?
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