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OS X 10.9 Activity Ramping Up as Speculation on Developer Preview Release Increases

AppleInsider reported late last week that web traffic logs from machines claiming to run OS X 10.9 had jumped from "a few dozen" back in October into the thousands last month, suggesting that the new operating system may be close to making its first appearance. MacRumors is seeing a nearly identical trend, with a significant increase in OS X 10.9 activity since last November.

Hits on from systems identifying themselves as running OS X 10.9 in January 2013

Apple needs to test new platforms with a wide range of websites, and server logs can be examined to see which operating systems and browsers are in use, tipping off sites when a new OS appears. While such data can be easily faked in browsers, the trends currently being observed are consistent with past releases and previous examinations have shown OS X 10.9 hits coming from IP addresses associated with Apple.

Growth in hits on from systems identifying themselves as running OS X 10.9

Apple has recently been launching new versions of OS X on an annual basis, with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion having launched in July of last year, a year after 10.7 Lion in July 2011. Apple released the first developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion in mid-February of last year, so it seems reasonable that the company could be looking at similar timing for OS X 10.9.

It has been rumored that OS X 10.9 will bring Siri to Macs for the first time, building on the dictation feature added to Mountain Lion. Rumors have also suggested integration with Apple's Maps, although the company has experienced significant criticisms with its maps app on iOS.

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80 months ago
I hope Safari is one snappy bitch. Like my ex-wife.
Rating: 74 Votes
80 months ago
What's more interesting is that apple visits macrumours.
Rating: 59 Votes
80 months ago
I've lost so much enthusiasm for software releases from Apple recently. I hope OS X 10.9 and iOS 7 changes this though. :)
Rating: 34 Votes
80 months ago

What's more interesting is that apple visits macrumours.

Shhhhh. Be quiet. Half the posters here think that they know how to run Apple better than Apple does. If there is actual evidence that someone from Apple visits here it will only get worse.
Rating: 24 Votes
80 months ago
At last, some OS X news! I love my iPhones and iPads etc, but Macs and OS X are even better!
Rating: 20 Votes
80 months ago
Up next, OSX Mountain Goat
Rating: 12 Votes
80 months ago

in before the "in before somebody speculates on a cat name".. oh wait...

Cougar, Liger, Tigon ... Voltron ;)
Rating: 9 Votes
80 months ago
"Feral Housecat"
Rating: 8 Votes
80 months ago
OS X 10.9 Mountain Dew
Rating: 8 Votes
80 months ago

If the upgrades still cost $129, I'd agree with you. But since Snow Leopard, each update has been less than $30. I personally feel like I'm getting what I pay for. Not to mention the "under the hood" improvements.

I'm skeptical about any UI changes - especially anything drastic. I would love to see skeumorphism get taken out behind the barn and shot. Aside from that, I like the direction of the UI over the past few releases. Remember pinstripes? Brushed metal? Yeah...

I like the UI as is. But out of curiosity, what specifically would you change? (Other than a re-skinning)...

Agree. I wish they would go back to beta releases requiring a full reinstall during the Serlet 10.4-6 days. It may have been more time consuming, but it allowed for better testing compared to the 4 App Store incremental DP's. We used to get a full beta DMG every other week, in most cases for over a year.

I remember 10.5 beta's had ZSF+ hinted at, and I loved the "Answering Machine" feature in iChat in Leopard beta's. You left a video away message and friend could leave one for you. That would be great in "Messages", especially for the deaf.

New Finder As HDD volumes are larger and cheaper (and NAS are becoming commonplace in consumer homes), HFS+ is long in the tooth. Shame as ZFS+ is great for large volumes ("Time Machine" anyone?). Licensing issues, blah. :)

OpenGL Core 3.x support is bad enough, 4.0 is atrocious

Skeuomorphism Get rid of it in OS X. I use "Mountain Lion Tweaks" to bring back 10.6 GUI for Contacts and Calendar, without it I wouldn't use them.

Messages buggy, keeps launching deleted messages on my Mac Pro and Macbook Air

Mail Overhaul; streamline it and allow for more customizations of rules and mailboxes

iLife 11 iPhoto needs an overhaul. Also bring back the ability to restore deleted individual pictures, events, albums through "Time Machine" that ver. 9 removed. No need to restore the whole library if pics are accidentally emptied from its trash. Why did Apple remove this?

Multiple Display Support As I use 2 monitors, this is a major contention for me. Fullscreen apps should not "linen" secondary displays. Fullscreen allows for full use of a displays desktop real estate, but should not negate secondary displays. Add the ability for fullscreen on two or more displays.

"Mission Control" Why mess with 10.5/6 Spaces and Exposé? Craig Federigh' ( baby is a hot mess. 10.8 brought back ungrouping in Exposé, yet iOS Spaces is inefficient for a desktop system (swiping through 10-16 desktops? C'mon! I assign apps for work to various desktops that was easy to access with 10.5/6 Grid Spaces. Thank god for TotalSpaces ( for "3D" grid Spaces in 10.7/8.

Most of all, focus on stability. I've never used such an unstable OS X release since 10.7 (10.8 has been better). While better than other OS's, still sub-par for Apple.
Rating: 7 Votes

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