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OS X 10.9 to Include Siri and Maps Integration

Earlier this month, MacRumors had reported that early logs have indicated that Apple is already testing early builds of OS X 10.9.

With OS X 10.9, Apple appears to be continuing the theme of bringing iOS features into OS X. According to 9to5Mac, early builds are showing that both Siri and Maps are being integrated into the newest version of the Mac operating system.
Early builds in testing of the next-generation Mac operating system, OS X 10.9, point to Siri and Maps integration coming to Mac computers next year, according to our reliable sources.
Apple already offers Dictation and Text-to-Speech, but Siri integration would presumably offer Mac users voice-command and search functionality to Mac users.

Meanwhile, Maps integration indicates that Apple will offer the service to developers to incorporate into their own Mac apps. Its not clear whether or not Apple would offer its own stand-alone mapping app for the Mac.

A release date for OS X 10.9 is currently unknown, but Apple has stated that is moving toward a more rapid development cycle on OS X. If Apple follows their pattern for OS X 10.8's launch, we could see early OS X 10.9 developer previews in early 2013 and a final release in the middle of the year.

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86 months ago
Yes, but only for 2013 Macs. Because of heavy, critical and uncircumventable hardware limitations.
Rating: 67 Votes
86 months ago
Great idea... get all the rubbish that don't work on iOS and port it too the Mac, then we can all have the grief. :eek:
Rating: 28 Votes
86 months ago
I want my iTunes!

Apple! Don't bother with OSX 10.9 and give me iTunes11!!
Rating: 22 Votes
86 months ago
I'd be more interested in TRIM support for non-apple SSD's although there's probably more chance of Apple building a decent desktop.... ;o)
Rating: 18 Votes
86 months ago
Makes sense. I can see Tim Cook or someone on stage in 2014 saying something like "We all love iOS on our iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. And we all love OS X on our Macs. So what if we were to combine them?" On screen, the i from iOS and the X from OS X combine into "XI".
Rating: 15 Votes
86 months ago

Picture working with these two fine products.....

User: "Siri, please get directions to the closest Apple store."

Siri: "Finding reflections to the closet Snapple store."

Maps: Directions to closest Snapple store, Mogadishu, Somalia, Drive Time 2.1 years.

Rating: 15 Votes
86 months ago

Where we leave all professionals behind....
Rating: 15 Votes
86 months ago
I like rapid yearly releases.
Rating: 14 Votes
86 months ago
Hmmm, if it's really well integrated and eases use --I'd have to get my parents a newer Mac, they might really like the Siri feature. As it is, I blew my mom's mind showing her how to use the Command key last week.
Rating: 13 Votes
86 months ago
So a $20 yearly sub to keep buying buggy new OSXs? I think they'll start dishing out this for free
Rating: 10 Votes

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