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iMac Reportedly Set to Receive Updates Next Week [Updated]

As part of its report detailing part numbers for the "iPad mini", AppleInsider briefly mentions that Apple appears set to launch updated iMacs on October 24, the day after the company's rumored media event.
The person also added that Apple is rumored to begin selling new iMac desktops on Oct. 24, one day after the anticipated Oct. 23 event.

While there have been rumblings of an iMac update for some time, and earlier this week we shared a report claiming that the new models will be thinner than current ones, today's report appears to be the first to specifically claim that they will launch next week.

For those keeping track, Apple's plans for next week now appear to include the iPad mini, updated iMacs, a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, and updated Mac mini models.

Update 8:49 AM: 9to5Mac has now posted the four new iMac model numbers, which presumably correspond to two different standard configurations each of the 21.5-inch and 27-inch models, although the report claims that at least some configurations may not ship until several weeks after their introduction. This would presumably refer to the 27-inch models, which have reportedly been suffering from lower yields on the display-glass lamination process and have been rumored to be seeing a later launch than their smaller counterparts.

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88 months ago
I think a couple of people on here said they wanted this ;)
Rating: 86 Votes
88 months ago
Meanwhile in Dublin, someone is making space for the refreshed model :D

Source (
Rating: 53 Votes
88 months ago
I'm... so... happy...

Rating: 45 Votes
88 months ago
Why don't we update the iPod Classic while we're at it??
Rating: 40 Votes
88 months ago
It will be interesting to see why, if for any reason, these are 6 months late.
Rating: 29 Votes
88 months ago
A Mac rumor at last. I'd say congratulation to all of you who patiently wait for one.
Rating: 27 Votes
88 months ago

I really don't care about retina. Just give us a brand new 2012 iMac!
Rating: 22 Votes
88 months ago
Can you hear that?

That's the collective "sigh" of this entire website.

Gonna be some pretty happy campers round these parts for the next week or so.

That is... until they start complaining about something...

Rating: 21 Votes
88 months ago

It will be interesting to see why, if for any reason, these are 6 months late.

because it took six months to engineer a case that no-one, except the foolhardy or iFixit, will want to open and make some handy upgrades....

gradually, Apple is eliminating all customers with a bent on making their own little upgrades, like replacing the DVD with a caddy + SSD, fitting their own SSD with handy cables by OWC.

I've come to the conclusion that Apple really 'hates' a certain subsection of it's users, people like the folk who come on these forums looking for advice on how to fit an SSD in a 2009 iMac.

If this is the case with the new iMac, it'll have to be a new 'old style' MBP, one of the few remaining Apple machines that can be 'upgraded' without paying the Apple Tax.
Rating: 15 Votes
88 months ago


Yeah. Because nothing will address the iMac's heat problems more efficiently than asking the GPU to juggle another 11 million pixels, on top of the 3.7 million the 27" model handles today.

I want one, so I can play games at 5120x2880 and 100 fps... for 3 seconds, before it melts a hole all the way to the Earth's core.
Rating: 14 Votes

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