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Apple to Launch New Mac Mini at Next Week's Media Event?

NewImage9to5Mac is reporting that Apple will announce a new version of the Mac Mini at next week's rumored media event, alongside the 13" Retina MacBook Pro and the iPad mini.
These new Mac minis are said to begin shipping immediately after announcement. Apple last redesigned the Mac mini with a unibody aluminum enclosure in 2010, and last updated the computer with faster processors last summer. These current Mac minis are on last-generation chipsets and lack USB 3.0, so we should be seeing those components updated in these new models.
According to the report, the Minis will come in similar configurations to current Mini models, two standard versions and a third setup that runs Mountain Lion Server.

The Mac Mini is overdue for an update; the last refresh occurred in July 2011, some 450 days ago.

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88 months ago
"Here's our new iPad mini, also we updated all the crap we don't really care about anymore like the Mac mini and iMac..."
Rating: 52 Votes
88 months ago
if a mac mini, an ipad mini and a 13 inch retina macbook pro are launched and NOT a new iMac.... I will be very, very upset.
Rating: 49 Votes
88 months ago
I bet any money the next rumour will be "New iPhone to be announced at next week's media event"
Rating: 28 Votes
88 months ago
Ok, now this is beginning to sound like pre-WWDC rumors where basically we were getting a full line-up of updates (Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBooks). We all know how that ended up...
Rating: 26 Votes
88 months ago
Another event where everything is expected to be updated...

Someone is going to be disappointed
Rating: 18 Votes
88 months ago
That event is packed! now show us the retina Apple Cinema Displays! :p
Rating: 14 Votes
88 months ago

Seems like everything has been "confirmed" to be updated at the event except for the iMac, let's pray together folks, and hope that Jesus isn't up to anything better than helping out some Mac-fans! :D
Rating: 13 Votes
88 months ago
New iMac = Mac Mini + Cinema Display
Rating: 11 Votes
88 months ago

Finally. Interesting to see what GPU they put in.

Intel HD 4000.
Rating: 10 Votes
88 months ago
Long live the Mini!

Bunch of people I know are switching from using just a MacBook to a Mini/iPad Combo (me included).

No PC company has come up with the same cool Nano computer as Apple. Some I know bought a Mini and use Windows on that.... :eek:
Rating: 9 Votes

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