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Samsung Running an iPhone 5 Attack Ad in Newspapers on Sunday

CNet and Businessinsider have published a new print ad that Samsung will be running in national newspapers tomorrow.
And so Samsung is greeting the arrival of the iPhone 5 with an ad that will run tomorrow in certain national and local newspapers (how modern). It is not a flattering ad. It suggests that the iPhone 5 isn't even good enough to be, well, a copy of the Galaxy S3.
The ad is titled "It doesn't take a genius." which serves as a dig against Apple Retail's genius bars. The rest of the ad shows the iPhone 5 alongside the Samsung Galaxy S III and lists a number of system specifications as well as features. The list is obviously heavily weighted towards Samsung where many of their software features are preferentially listed. At the end is the line "The Next Big Thing Is Already Here".

Apple and Samsung have been competing head to head in the smartphone market and in the courtroom. Apple won a massive victory in their U.S. patent trial against Samsung with a $1.05 billion verdict.

We've included the entire ad below.

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92 months ago
Maybe they should add a line:

Apple: Not found by a court to be infringing design patents.
Samsung: Found by a court to be infringing design patents.
Rating: 187 Votes
92 months ago
Samsung needs to compare themselves to other android devices, not the iPhone, because most iPhone owners don't give a *****.
Rating: 181 Votes
92 months ago
I find it even more ironic that they are advertising the S-voice, which is a complete rip-off of Siri.
Rating: 112 Votes
92 months ago
Samsung is the ultimate troll.
Rating: 107 Votes
92 months ago
Samsung is so petty.

Apple has plenty of features that Samsung/Google don't mention in that ad, such as iCloud, which is FAR more integrated and reliable than Google.

Plus, "tilt to zoom", are you kidding me?

******** ad, and it shouldn't take a genius to realize that :rolleyes:
Rating: 105 Votes
92 months ago
They need to add under the ram portion "2gb of ram but lags like hell anyway"

That's the main reason I am switching from the S3 to the iPhone5.
Rating: 105 Votes
92 months ago
Looks like an angry 12-year-old made that ad. I love the end of the Galaxy list. They could've put anything and it would've sounded equally stupid.

Galaxy SIII:


Rating: 104 Votes
92 months ago
It just goes to show that Samsung is a lot more worried about the iPhone 5 than they are letting on. Comparative advertising is less effective since by definition it draws attention to the competition. Apple's "I'm a Mac" campaign was a little bit different since it was humorous and never actually went into a spec by spec comparison.
Rating: 97 Votes
92 months ago
It's more telling that Samsung feels compelled to even make this kind of an ad.
Rating: 90 Votes
92 months ago
It's all true though.
Rating: 80 Votes

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