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Dual-Core A5X iPad 3 Coming Tomorrow with Multiple LTE and 3G Variants?

The Verge reports that Apple's iPad 3 launch tomorrow will see the inclusion of the A5X system-on-a-chip that first surfaced in a photo leak several weeks ago. According to the report, the A5X contains a dual-core application processor as found in the A5, but includes improved graphics capabilities and more RAM than found in the A5.

Previously-leaked photo of claimed iPad 3 logic board with A5X chip

On the connectivity front, the report claims that Apple will be releasing multiple versions of its cellular-enabled iPad 3 models, with separate LTE models for AT&T and Verizon and a third cellular model for international markets that is limited to 3G GSM and CDMA networks.
There have been rumors flying that the iPad 3 would be LTE capable, and we're told that it will definitely be announced for both the Verizon and AT&T networks tomorrow. To be clear, that would mean two distinct, separate versions of the LTE tablet (one for each network). In addition, there's a third international model which does double duty on 3G; a CDMA / GSM model using a similar radio chipset to the iPhone 4S (a Qualcomm Gobi chip). That's a little odd considering LTE chipsets from Qualcomm can be utilized on those same bands, but there may be reasons (cost for instance) that Apple would want to separate the hardware.
In line with expectations, The Verge claims that Apple will also be introducing an updated Apple TV tomorrow, packing 1080p video capabilities to be paired with AirPlay streaming and mirroring functionality in the iPad 3 and OS X Mountain Lion.

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65 months ago

Can't wait to see how fast the LTE is.

At $10 per gig, LTE is useless.
Rating: 34 Votes
65 months ago
Oh no. The spec boys are going to go nuts with no quad core processor. We'll have to listen to them howl about getting an Acer Samsung Xyboard (but they'll really just get an ipad anyway).
Rating: 32 Votes
65 months ago
It's okay if it's dual core, the more RAM is more important here!
Rating: 29 Votes
65 months ago
Me thinks people have the iPad HD confused with the Apple TV HD

iPad 3 and Apple TV HD.
Rating: 19 Votes
65 months ago
Ah, the old fashioned last-minute-news-article-where-we-are-reposting-the-most-likely-rumours-we-have-heard-in-the-past-few-months-and-claim-its-from-our-sources-article.
Rating: 14 Votes
65 months ago

Isn't 4G LTE the same on AT&T and Verizon ?

Data protocols, yes.

Frequencies, No
Activation, No
BS bureaucracy, No
Obscene fees, No
Rating: 12 Votes
65 months ago
Ugh - That means at least 14 models again in the USA, to add to launch outages and confusion. :rolleyes:

Rating: 11 Votes
65 months ago

Yes, exactly the same down to the exact frequency.

There might be some very minute technical differences (anandtech probably has some awesome over my head analysis), but the point being Qualcomm has a new base band supporting pretty much all the LTE/3G GSM/CDMA variants. Which begs the question: why the carrier specific models? I thought they were trying to get away from that.
Rating: 10 Votes
65 months ago

hey cool! another big iPod that I will use for 6 days and then find nothing useful to do with it!

A device is only as useful and creative as its user. Enough said.
Rating: 10 Votes
65 months ago
This is going to be a long 21 hours...
Rating: 10 Votes

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