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Mid-Range and High-End iPad 3 Launching at iWorld Seems Unlikely

There have been an increasing number of rumors about the next generation iPad which is expected to launch sometime in early 2012. Digitimes is the source for many of these reports, but some of the claims are becoming increasingly questionable.

The latest report from the publication now claims that Apple will unveil its next generation iPad at the Macworld|iWorld conference on January 26th, 2012.

Aside from a surprise Apple return to Macworld|iWorld, Digitimes also reports that the new iPads will keep 9.7" screens, carry 1536x2048 Retina Displays, A6 processors, 5-megapixel and 8-megapixel cameras, and over double the battery capacity (6500mAH -> 14,000mAH) for the higher end model.

The two new models are described as targetting the mid-range and high-end segments.

Digitimes has a bit of mixed record on Apple rumors with our internal tracking putting their accuracy at 55%. Examining the rumor more closely, this isn't the first time that a high end or "HD" iPad has been suggested. ThisIsMyNext suggested this possibility back in July. At the time, this "iPad HD" was described as a "pro" device aimed at video and photo professionals. While Apple is widely expected to introduce an Retina-display iPad at some point in 2012, the most recent prevailing rumors have not been suggesting that Apple would split the iPad line into mid and high range models.

High end iPad questions aside, the other even harder-to-believe claim from Digitimes is the launch of any new device at the Macworld|iWorld conference. Apple officially withdrew from Macworld in December 2008, and Apple's last official presence at the show was in January 2009. Apple had said at the time that trade shows were becoming a very minor part of Apple's overall strategy. They company has been able to successfully launch products on their own timetable by simply holding their own media events with a single week's notice.

Macworld has continued on with Apple's absence, but with a smaller presence than before. This year, the conference was rebranded to Macworld|iWorld, reflecting the increasing importance of the iOS ecosystem.

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101 months ago
They had me until...

...they mentioned 14,000 mAh battery. In an iPad!?!?

FYI, the 17" Macbook Pros have 9,000 mAh batteries, which themselves are 2x thicker than an iPad. Unless there has been a battery technology breakthrough of which we haven't been notified, the report holds zero credibility.
Rating: 17 Votes
101 months ago
I call bull ,this aint gonna happen.
Rating: 12 Votes
101 months ago
14 Ah battery seems dubious, to say the least. I doubt that energy density is even possible with current technology.

To put that in perspective:
• you would need to charge the thing for 28 hours on a standard 2.5W USB port
• if you ran an iPhone off the same battery, you'd get somewhere close to 6 days of continuous talk time
• it is 130 times the capacity of the 6th generation nano's battery, if you had this battery in the nano, you'd get close to 133 days of playback time.

14,000mAh is absolutely, impossibly gigantic.
Rating: 8 Votes
101 months ago
A couple of days ago, the rumor was that the iPad 3 was going to be released in February for Steve Jobs its January for iWorld?

I call BS on both rumors, and think the ipad 3 will in fact be released in March as were the previous 2 iPads versions.

But hey....who knows. :-)
Rating: 5 Votes
101 months ago
I'd like a $1,500.00 iPad just to keep my status.

Rating: 4 Votes
101 months ago

File this under a swing and a miss for Digitimes. No, Apple won't start selling you iPads in every size. They have iPhones on one side and macs on the other. Simple product lines, elegant products.

This is Digitimes we're talking I don't even understand why MR keeps giving them so much media space...they have ZERO credibility.
Rating: 3 Votes
101 months ago

50% accuracy is no better than guessing.

If you could throw a dice and tell me 50% of the time which number was going to come up I'd be impressed.
Rating: 3 Votes
101 months ago

"Digitimes has a bit of mixed record on Apple rumors with our internal tracking putting their accuracy at 55%."

What kind of tracking are you doing that gives them over 50%.

By my reckoning they are wrong >90% of the time, when they are not just quoting the obvious. Hey there will be a new iPad and iPhone in 2012. No **** Sherlock?

But when they make up crap, like the 5 times they said we would have 7" iPads, or OLED ipads, or OLED phones, or 4" screens on the next iPhone, etc....
Rating: 3 Votes
101 months ago
Someone please post that SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY picture
Rating: 3 Votes
101 months ago

I wonder if ...

iPad 2 with 8 GB & Wifi only - 299
iPad 2 with 8 GB & Wifi + 3G - 379
iPad 3 16 GB with Retina and A6, Wifi - 499

I am just starting to play around with the idea, but I believe the iPad 2 maybe like a iPhone 3GS and if Apple can get it to a configuration where it would cost 300, they would kill the competition.

The thing I am also wondering is if the iPad 3 will have an A6?

Apple doesn't care about the low-end competition any more than they cared about competing with Dell. That's not the market they're after. There's no margin in that market and as we all know, as far as hardware is concerned, Apple only works at high margin. Barnes & Noble and Amazon are selling their devices as a loss leader to gain market share and to sell eBooks. Apple does the opposite: they break slightly better than even on the iTunes store in order to make their margins on hardware.

Although Apple has occassionally reduced prices, most of the time they simply provide more value (more memory, bigger hard drive, better monitor, whatever) for the same price as the previous model. Having said that, if they have large inventory of the previous model, they will discount that, but Apple keeps such tight control over "just in time" inventory, it's usually not the case.
Rating: 2 Votes

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