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New Photo Confirms Partially Assembled iPhone 4S

Earlier today, we noted that a new leaked photo appearing to be a partially-assembled next-generation iPhone seemed to be showing an "iPhone 4S" design running on an A5 system-on-a-chip.

MacPost now shares a photo of the other side of the partial device, revealing that it is indeed an iPhone 4-like design. The new photo even shows the iPhone 4S turned on in its partially assembled state, requesting connection to iTunes for activation.

The new photo also clarifies the battery situation, revealing it to still be a 3.7 V, 5.3 Whr battery delivering 1430 mAh of charge, compared to the slightly lower-capacity 1420 mAh battery found in the iPhone 4. The 4.2 V figure spotted on the original photo posted earlier today was from the backside of the battery and appears to have been referring to the maximum charge voltage, as opposed to the 3.7 V nominal voltage under load.

Apple has also been rumored to be introducing a substantially redesigned iPhone 5 alongside this iPhone 4S, although there has been little concrete evidence of such a device showing up in parts leaks or supply chain channel checks. Third-party cases for the rumored iPhone 5 appear to show a substantially larger but thinner design than found in the iPhone 4.

Update: High resolution version of photo from Pandaxtech which appears to be the source for the images.

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104 months ago
The fact that the phone is requesting connection via iTunes for activation means that the phone is running on ios4, since ios5 doesn't even require you to own a computer. Odd no?
Rating: 33 Votes
104 months ago
Just wishing this photo was of a newly redesigned phone. Please apple, dont make us wait until 2012 for the iPhone 5 - the world might end by then!
Rating: 28 Votes
104 months ago
iOS 5 brings iTunes-free activation so this must be some iPhone 4 prototype from last year :D
Rating: 23 Votes
104 months ago
How do we know this isn't just a picture of a regular iPhone 4?
Rating: 22 Votes
104 months ago
There's something a bit creepy about seeing it turned on like that. Anyone else reminded of the scene in Alien where Ash is in peices and they lay his head and shoulders on a table and turn him on with all that milk all over him? Reminds me of that.
Rating: 14 Votes
104 months ago
...and Apple made photos...

Remember how a few days ago someone stated that Apple makes photos of the desks to see who leaked information if prototype photos make it into the internet? Well, I guess they never heard of office paper as a background - as seen here.:D
Rating: 13 Votes
104 months ago

whoever came up with the dumb "4S" name earlier this year should be shot in the face btw. its based on no knowledge and somehow it made its way all over the internet

Shot in the face?? How old are you? That's pretty outrageous.
Rating: 12 Votes
104 months ago
More actual parts for a phone with little to no design change and only rumored case designs to support a bigger, wider phone.

I hate to say it folks, but every day I am more and more convinced that the next iPhone will be the "iPhone 4s" or whatever it is called. The bigger, wider phone is not happening, at least not this year.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not betting on it. :confused:
Rating: 10 Votes
104 months ago

whoever came up with the dumb "4S" name earlier this year should be shot in the face btw. its based on no knowledge and somehow it made its way all over the internet

How is it not a fairly logical assumption, given 3GS was the non-redesigned version of the 3G and we're talking about a non-redesigned version of the 4?
Rating: 8 Votes
104 months ago

BOGUS! Why wouldn't the iPhone 4s be running the beta version of ios 5? Isn't the new ios supposed to be PC free?

You think Apple would be feeding its manufacturers up-to-the-minute builds of beta versions of their OS as a production run is getting started? This is not how manufacturing works.

The release OS isn't ready yet, so they would flash them with the last release OS, and then re-flash the stock when the OS is ready, before shipment.

Assuming any of this is true, of course, and not the result of any number of other explanations. But the fact that it's running iOS4 isn't particularly suspicious.
Rating: 8 Votes

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