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Sprint to Launch iPhone 5 with Unlimited Data Next Month

Bloomberg reports that Sprint will indeed begin offering the iPhone next month as had been previously reported by The Wall Street Journal, seeking to set itself apart from AT&T and Verizon by offering unlimited data plans for the device. The carrier is said to be launching the iPhone 5 in mid-October under its new deal with Apple.
Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) will offer Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone next month with unlimited data service plans to distinguish itself from rivals AT&T Inc. (T) and Verizon Wireless, according to people familiar with the matter.

Sprint, the third-largest U.S. wireless carrier, plans to begin selling the device in mid-October under a deal with Apple for the next model, the iPhone 5, said the people, who wouldn’t be identified because the plans aren’t public. Becoming the country’s only operator to offer the device with unlimited data service for a flat fee may help Sprint draw customers from AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which already carry the phone, they said.
The report also notes that Sprint has postponed the launch of a new rival 4G phone in order to accommodate preparations for the iPhone's debut. Just yesterday, Sprint announced that it will be delaying the launch of the BlackBerry Curve 9350 to October from today's previously-planned launch date. The company did not provide a reason for the delay, but the Curve 9350 may in fact be the device cited by Bloomberg as being delayed for the iPhone preparations, despite the fact that it is not a 4G device.

Unlimited data is a significant selling point for Sprint, which offers a package of unlimited voice and data for $99.99 per month on several existing smartphones. Both AT&T and Verizon offered unlimited data on the iPhone when they launched the device, but both carriers have switched to tiered data plans for new customers. Existing customers who had previously signed up for unlimited data have been allowed to maintain their data plans.

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97 months ago
So did AT&T. So did Verizon. Will it last?
Rating: 24 Votes
97 months ago
"Hello competition. Haven't seen you in a while…"
Rating: 16 Votes
97 months ago
I sincerely doubt that both AT&T and Verizon switched away from unlimited data because iPhone users were using too much. They saw a profit could be made peddling tiered data and decided to go for it.

Sprint's move is a competitive one, and a far-sighted one. While they very well may go to tiered data after some initial promotional period, they will have gained millions of new customers and the AT&T and Verizon's expense.

It's a smart move, and good on them for being foresighted enough to make it.
Rating: 14 Votes
97 months ago

I can't remember... do they offer voice and data at the same time? If this comes w/o a tether charge, I'm all Sprints.

Hello I come. To me, this is even worth the disconnect fee I would have to pay to leave Verizon just to get grandfathered in.
Rating: 8 Votes
97 months ago

Sprint says "we have Unlimited data" a month later they bust a verizon move..:rolleyes: not going to last long I bet let's see what happen:D

It'll last, Sprint needs that as an incentive to bring in much needed new subscribers.
Rating: 8 Votes
97 months ago

Sprint Can Kiss my Hairy ASS.

I would go ATT before I went Sprint.

Those of you who want to go Sprint Go ahead I warned you.

Sprint has the worst customer service ever. Did Then Does Now. Horror stories I have heard of late show me they haven't changed 8 years. Never will.

F*@K Sprint.

So you're basing your hate on second hand and third hand stories? Well done. As a very long Sprint customer in the past they did nothing but help me as best they could with every issue I had. They were the best by far and AT&T customer service pales in comparison.
Rating: 8 Votes
97 months ago

I can't remember... do they offer voice and data at the same time? If this comes w/o a tether charge, I'm all Sprints.
Rating: 7 Votes
97 months ago
Hopefully it makes the market more competetive. Hopefully Verizon and AT&T will lower their prices!
Rating: 7 Votes
97 months ago
It will stick around

Mark my words, Sprint has every incentive in the world to keep its unlimited data. AT&T capped the data last year because they were still the only carrier with iPhone, Verizon did the cheap trick of getting people to switch and then cap data because they are America's biggest network.

Sprint has always been the smallest and the one to stick it up to big carriers. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Sprint was the first to offer nights starting at 7, unlimited web on Windows and Palm phones for only $15 (same plan used to cost $30 on Verizon), and free calls to any network mobile.

Coming as the THIRD carrier of the iPhone, Sprint has every incentive to keep unlimited data plans.

I wouldn't be surprised if later down the line they keep the unlimited data AND offer cheaper option capped data, just to stick it up to AT&T and Verizon.
Rating: 7 Votes
97 months ago

No son let me tell you. First hand and with my family all around 2003 and with others and friends, company, until late 2010.
Sprint could ****up a cup of coffee.
When it comes to keeping **** straight and customer service that Actually knows what they are doing, its a damn "Hardy Boys Mystery" for them.

Turned off my phone after 3 days of use with the company because I had a $400.00 balance on my account. Had to go to the store where I bought the phone to get it straightened out because 1-800 sprint wanted 400 just to talk to me. Others in the family and friends had the same problems thought the years. On the 14th day of my contract I went back to the store and cancelled the whole thing. Never looked back.

But the best was the company I was working for. When they told me we were going to Sprint I about had a **** fit And I mean a fit. :mad: They had already done the deal. Oh great you dumb ***** didn't talk to us about it. It took 2 weeks and everything was ****edup. You would cross a state line and the phone would die I had reps calling me from a pay phones all over. Then what phones were working would go dead after talking to Customer service to get the others fixed. The second time was when the phones started going off and the reps would call and I would call and customer service said the accounts were locked until bills were paid.
Yeah I called accounts and told them what was happening they said they can't do anything. Give me the reps name. They give it to me and after 5 calls over 2 days not answered yeah I'm pissed.
OK so I called the man himself the owner of the company he said "fix this **** NOW"!
That friday All the reps were in no work was getting done no one could get a good line. So I called the Sprint rep handling the account said I need to see him urgently about a our accounts. Took him 2 hours to get there from 1/2 mile away.
We gathered all the phones chargers and boxes Ect. and waited. Owner came buy about 5 mins before the rep showed up.
Said "I have talked to senior reps they are pissed can you fix this"
Yes if you let me do what I want.
He said "Handle it"
When he said that it was on like donkey kong.
So I tell the receptionist send them to the T&E room. :D
I had accounting cut Sprint a check for the 2 accounts for $500.00. They had apparently prepaid $1000 up front.
I have all the phones put in boxes and placed on two rolling carts and they were loaded. Rep shows up with hired muscle and they walk in with me in that room oh the look on their faces was priceless. :eek: So we sit at the big table and I say:
"We have had problems and you have been no help. I called for days and you have not called back. There are you phones and equipment. You WILL cancel the account and consider it paid in full with this check."
He said You never called me.
Yes I did repeatedly and left messages. :mad:
Then his helper jumped up and said now you need to think about this it is very important.
I told him to get his **** and get out our whats on the wall will be tested.
Rep had to step between me and him. He said " come on boy lets go".
"Thank you" I said as they started pushing the carts out the door to the front lobby.
Hired muscle was steaming all red faced about to take a dump it looked like.
What scares me is this idiot that the rep brought with him was acting the way he did in a room full of SMG's, belt feds, and actual working DD's.
WTF I mean how dumb can you get.

Oh yeah **** Sprint

Rating: 6 Votes

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