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Comparison of 'iPhone 4S' Antenna Band to GSM and CDMA iPhone 4

Several MacRumors readers have forwarded us a "member only" email from claiming to show the antenna band for what would seem to be the "iPhone 4S" based on the current iPhone 4 design. While the antenna band was partially visible in a casing leak from last week, the new photos show direct comparisons between the new antenna band and both the GSM and CDMA iPhone 4 bands.

The iPhone 4S antenna band is essentially a hybrid of the two earlier designs, showing the same four breaks as the CDMA iPhone 4 but with a SIM-card slot as in the GSM iPhone 4. In the photos, the GSM iPhone 4 antenna band is on top (labeled "4G"), the iPhone 4S antenna band is in the middle (labeled "5G or 4GS"), and the CDMA iPhone 4 is on the bottom (labeled "CDMA").

Interestingly, this is not the first time this particular design for the antenna band has surfaced, as a similar part appeared as long ago as early January, before the CDMA iPhone 4 had even been unveiled. That part was the first to show the shift in the antenna breaks that also necessitated a slight shift in the position of the mute switch on the CDMA iPhone 4, but also contained a SIM-card slot.

A number of parts appearing very similar to their iPhone 4 counterparts have surfaced in recent weeks, with the suggestion being that these could for a low-end "iPhone 4S" model being developed by Apple. The company has also been rumored to be developing a more significantly updated iPhone 5 offering a thinner design, although little has been seen of this design beyond third-party cases based on a claimed leaked design document.

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85 months ago
Psh, confidential my a$$ :p
Rating: 11 Votes
85 months ago
rumors about antennas make me so happy
Rating: 9 Votes
85 months ago

The current iPhone 4 will handle iOS 5 pretty well, but I do think the voice recognition and new notification system will benefit and preform a lot better with the dual core A5 in the iPhone 4S.

The average customer wont notice any difference tho. Lets face it, the normal guy doesnt care for specs or what on earth "A5" is or what RAM does. All they see is a phone in the same shape of the 4 and ask themself why should i buy that "again" or how is that new, it looks the same. People (im one of those) like design changes more than anything else. Its getting boring having the same thing after a while ^^

U can say whatever u want about samsung but at least every phone looks different + they already got lte (now u can vote me down for saying the "S" word, i dont care)
Rating: 9 Votes
85 months ago
At least the pictures aren't blurry...
Rating: 7 Votes
85 months ago

wah!!!you complain to much!!!your a crybaby!!! stop complainining!!! you're complaining annoys me!!! i luv apple products and i dont wanna be annoyed with criticism of my company and complaining is for loosers!!!

I'm always entertained by the 'apple is right and no one better complain about them cause i need someone to yell at!' posts. Quit complaining and go comment on something else already.

Your grammar and spelling skills are making my cat cry :eek:
Rating: 7 Votes
85 months ago
so much for "members only" ;)

BTW if you go to their website, on the right hand side the photos are right there and when you click on it, the headline says "Confidential Information"...just a little bit odd that they would have that on their homepage if it's "confidential"...

Rating: 5 Votes
85 months ago

Prediction Time
(1) antenna compatible with CDMA / GSM
(2) better cameras
(3) will have dual GSM/CDMA capabilities
(4) A5 (maybe faster than iPad A5)
(5) more RAM (768MB or 1GB)
(6) US consumers will be able to buy an unlocked version on day 1

I think storage options will stay the same 16GB and 32GB

No redesign no bigger screen. I can already see the headlines of tmrws newspaper "Is Apple Already Sinking Under Its New Leader?"

Boring. Who cares for more ram, the iphone 4 will handle the new ios just fine considering the 3gs is even getting it + unless devs invest in extra apps for the "special" new a5 and ram iphone (which they wont bc the market of other iphones gives them way to much money still) no one will notice any difference
Rating: 5 Votes
85 months ago
Blah Blah Blah!!!!!!

Give me the iPhone 5 that belongs in these cases!

And the one that MacRumors commissioned.


Anything less will be a huge let down for me since Ive been waiting what seems forever now.
Rating: 4 Votes
85 months ago
4G, 4S, 4GS, 5G, etc.

All terrible names people keep making up.

As of right now, we know of "iPhone 4", and then a "new one".
Rating: 4 Votes
85 months ago

God this new iPhone is starting to look disturbingly similar from a physical aspect at least to the existing model.

My primary concern is what would happen if you were walking down the street having invested in the new model and people incorrectly identified your phone as the old one!

What a waste!

Ah, the subtle English tongue-in-cheek. I miss Monty Python.
Rating: 3 Votes

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