Impressions and Screenshots of 'Infinity Blade' on iPad 2

Touch Arcade has been putting the new iPad 2 through the paces, testing out what few iPad 2 specific games that have been released so far. On Infinity Blade, they post an extensive comparison gallery between the original iPad and iPad 2.

Some things to look for in these screen shots include how smooth the edges are on the iPad 2, as well as how high resolution the textures are in comparison. We have this kind of image quality, while everything runs at a much higher frame rate.

We've pulled just two of the screenshots for comparison here. Click on each image to get a larger version.

230208 1 iPad 1 500
iPad 1 (Click for Larger)

230206 1 iPad 2 500
iPad 2 (Click for Larger)

A full gallery is available on TouchArcade. Even with the improvement in textures, Infinity Blade for the iPad 2 runs at a higher frame rate than the original iPad. The new iPad has a dual-core A5 processor as well as an enhanced graphics chip that Apple claims to have "9x faster graphics".

Several other games have also been updated to support the iPad 2 including Real Racing 2 HD, Dead Space, and Asphalt 6 and TouchArcade provides a quick look at those titles as well.

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