Apple //gs Emulator with Best of FTA on App Store

This one's going to be for only a select audience. Old Apple //gs owners who enjoyed graphical demos by the Free Tools Association (FTA) will be surprised to find that they have released a "Best Of" collection for the iPhone:

To celebrate the 20 years of the *Free Tools Association*, here comes a collection of the best programs developed by the members of the FTA team : Nucleus, Modulae, Photonix, Delta Demo and much more!!! Enjoy this journey back into time ;)

The app is the ActiveGS emulator bundled with many of FTA's Apple //gs demos.

There's probably some legal issues with an emulator that presumably includes Apple owned ROMS, but we're going to hope that Apple turns a blind eye to this one. But you shouldn't hesitate in downloading it if you are at all interested, just in case. It's free.