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Apple's Secret Retail Staff Meeting About 'Joint Venture' Genius Bar Services for Businesses?

BGR reports that Apple's "secret" meeting for retail store employees scheduled for this coming Sunday is regarding a new service known as "Joint Venture" that will bring Genius Bar services to small businesses and professional-level consumers in the form of telephone consultations and on-site visits.

First rumored back in March of last year, Joint Venture is an extension of Apple's current Genius Bar services that is aimed at small businesses and prosumers. Subscribers of the new service will be able to speak with a store-based Apple technician - lovingly referred to as Geniuses - over the phone for one-on-one consultation and troubleshooting, or they can request an on-site visit. Currently, Apple's Geniuses are not allowed to provide support remotely via the phone or in-person outside of Apple's retail locations.

The retail staff meeting is reportedly being held to brief employees on how to position and sell the forthcoming premium-priced service.