Apple Stops PhotoFast's MacBook Air SSD Replacement?

062433 photofast 500

9to5Mac claims that Apple has asked Taiwanese company PhotoFast to stop sales of their SSD upgrade kits for the new MacBook Air.

Now, according to some sources close to the company, Apple phoned PhotoFast last week and had them stop all sales of their new MacBook Air SSD upgrades. PhotoFast is complying with Apple's request for them to stop production of the product and one of the leading reasons for this is because PhotoFast is in Apple's MFi program.

The reason for Apple's demand is unclear, as the same SSD parts are also available from Toshiba. In fact, Toshiba supplies the exact same parts used in the MacBook Air and is making those parts available to other manufacturers. The devices use a standard mSATA connector rather than any proprietary solution.

Since the SSD parts will become available from other parties, it seems unlikely that Apple's motivation is to prevent the upgrade from being available at all. PhotoFast was, however, marketing the part specifically as a MacBook Air upgrade.

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