'Twitter' for iPhone Gains Push Notifications

Twitter yesterday updated its official application for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, bringing push notifications to the iPhone version for the first time. The update also delivers several fixes to the iPhone version while offering improvements and fixes for the iPad version.

What's new

- Push notifications for @mentions and messages
- Improved display of shortened URLs
- Correctly load reserved Twitter.com paths, such as http://twitter.com/newtwitter
- Fix connection error caused by a device clock being set incorrectly
- Additional retina graphics
- Enable geotagging in your account with one tap
- fix itunes links

- Inline media
- Manage saved searches
- UI improvements

Twitter began life as the third-party Tweetie application, but was acquired by Twitter and rebranded back in May. The application became universal in early September with the addition of a native iPad version.