BMW to Support New 'iPod Out' Feature in iOS 4

BMW is the first car manufacturer to have announced support for a little-known feature in iOS 4 called iPod Out. CNET reported last week on this new iOS 4 feature:

This feature allows a connected iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch (second or third generation) to output and display an iPod interface on a connected device's external screen. That device, in this case, would be a future BMW or Mini vehicle.

Rather than displaying BMW or Mini's iPod interface, the connected vehicle would display Apple's own interface, which will be controllable with the vehicle's controls. Users will be able to control the iPod's music playback and browse their music catalog, playlists, podcasts, and Genius mixes.

BMW has released a video demonstrating the feature that is coming in their cars in 2011.

The new feature allows users to see an iPod interface on the car's display while also providing direct control and access to features such as Genius mixes.

An Apple patent application filed in May 2008 and published in November 2009 revealed that the company had been researching methods to allow media devices like the iPhone and iPod to "push" their interfaces to accessories to provide more native-like control from the accessories. That technology seems to have finally made its appearance as iOS 4's "iPod Out" feature being used by BMW.

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