Preparing for iPhone 4 Launch: Standing in Line, Impressions, Early Apps

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The iPhone 4 officially launches on Thursday. If you haven't already pre-ordered one, there's still a chance to get one on launch day, but you're going to need to be prepared to stand in line. We've heard reports that Wal-Marts, Radio Shacks and Best Buys are getting just a handful of units each, and those units are almost certainly spoken for already. So, if you want to get an iPhone 4 on day one, you're going to need to find an Apple Store which is likely to have a reasonable number of walk-in units. Those with pre-order reservations will be shuttled to their own line to pick up their new iPhones.

Lines have already started at Apple Stores in a few major cities. If you're looking for some company, we have a meetup forum that is organizing meetups in various cities. Search for your city here to find local individuals.

If you have pre-ordered the iPhone, some early deliveries started yesterday with many more expected today. We've started organizing threads that might be of use for those still deciding:

- First Impressions of iPhone 4
- Video Taken with iPhone 4
- Photos Taken with iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 comes with some specific new features and some early apps are starting to take advantage of the high-resolution Retina display as well as the Gyroscope. Some of these include:

- Real Racing (Gyroscope and Retina Display)
- Eliminate: Gun Range (Gyroscope and Retina Display)
- Sketchbook Mobile (Retina Display)
- Kindle for iPhone (Retina Display)

A list of more of these iPhone 4 capable apps will be posted to iPhone 4 Apps thread over time.

Please send line photos, unboxing photos, tips and more to

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