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New Images Show White Back Panel on Next-Generation iPhone

With the leak of a claimed white front panel for the next-generation iPhone last month, it appears that if the parts are in fact legitimate Apple will be bringing the existing iPhone color option of a white back around to the front of the device. Since that time, additional photos of the white front panel have surfaced as interest in mockup renderings of the full device in white has been on the increase.

Repair shop PowerbookMedic today appears to offer the first apparent proof that Apple is at least planning to continue offering the option of a white back with the next-generation iPhone. The evidence comes in the form of images sent to the shop showing several claimed iPhone parts.

Notably, the white back case contains placeholder text for the model number and other identification numbers, suggesting that the parts represent a prototype build and are not from the final release widely rumored for introduction at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference next week.

In addition to the white back panel, PowerbookMedic also received images showing the same white front panel seen in previous leaks, as well as the digitizer and midboard assemblies.