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Next iPhone: Double Resolution Display, Front Camera, Multi-Tasking?

Daringfireball's John Gruber sarcastically links out to today's Wall Street Journal rumor about the coming Verizon iPhone. Gruber points out the lack of details in the article, but then goes on to coyly (as he does) list features that he seems to know are coming in the next iPhone. The features include:

- A4-family CPU system-on-a-chip
- 960x640 double-resolution display
- second front facing camera
- 3rd party multitasking in iPhone 4

The front camera and multitasking have both been suggested before. There has been overwhelming evidence that Apple has been working on video chat for the iPhone OS. Meanwhile, multitasking was believed to have been originally planned for iPhone 3.x but later scrapped. The double-resolution display is completely new information, though would make sense given the increasingly high resolution screens of the competition.

Update: Engadget reports that it is hearing that the next-generation iPhone may be called "iPhone HD" and be released on June 22nd.