Tablet Bezel Images Revealed to Be From TESO iPad 'Clone'

In mid-January, The Mac Observer posted several images apparently of a front bezel that its source claimed was for Apple's forthcoming tablet device. We were skeptical of the images, which appeared almost identical to a stretched iPhone, and they did in fact turn out to be false.

Cloned in China today reports (via Engadget) on a new "iPad clone" from Chinese manufacturer TESO offering Windows 7, a 10.1-inch multi-touch screen, GPS and 3G connectivity. While TESO's offering is one of what will undoubtedly be many tablet devices mimicking the iPad, 9 to 5 Mac notes that this device appears to contain a front bezel nearly identical to the one previously touted as being for the iPad. The only exception is that small off-center hole near the "top" of the device is on the opposite side of the bezel from previous images. Consequently, it appears that The Mac Observer's source for the images was mistaken about the device for which the part was destined.

The confusion over the devices is similar to events that occurred in mid-2009, when a claimed bezel from a forthcoming iPhone was later found to actually be from a Creative Zii Egg.