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Next Generation iPhone Bezel Revealed?

iPhone Ticker first reported on new "Apple iPhone 3Gen 2009" parts listed for sale at parts supplier ChinaOnTrade.

It can be hard to tell exactly what has changed from just the single part, but iLounge breaks down the changes that they see:

Notably, the bezels appear to show a repositioned and redesigned ear speaker, now significantly higher above the display than the present speaker, and ringed with metal, a change that may make room for additional front-mounted sensor or camera hardware. Also changed is the bezels color, which has shifted from the prior silver in all iPhone and iPhone 3G models to a nearly black metallic color reminiscent of the backs of later fifth-generation iPod U2 Special Edition models.

The lack of a silver rim could indicate some minor changes to the appearance of the next generation iPhone, though the legitimacy of the parts remain up for debate.