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Intel Claims Core i5-Based MacBook Pro Promotion a Marketing Error

Spanish site, which was first to note an Intel promotion yesterday apparently revealing at least one forthcoming MacBook Pro based on the company's new Core i5 processors, now reports [Google translation] that Intel has revised the promotion to offer HP Envy notebooks instead of MacBook Pros, blaming a marketing error for the incorrect promotional materials.

Intel has apologized for the mistake and the confusion they have created with this slip, which it blamed on a lack of communication from their central marketing agency.

Intel has modified the artwork for the promotion, which was available in several countries, to reflect the "new" laptop model available for the drawing.

Apple is expected to introduce an update to its MacBook Pro line, which was last revised in June 2009, in the relatively near future, with Intel's new Core i5 processors seen as the most likely candidate for inclusion in the next-generation models.