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Google Nexus One Phone Not an iPhone Killer?

Despite the hype and expectation surrounding the official Google-branded phone early impressions of the device by Engadget reveal the device is not quite an iPhone killer:

Now, of course everyone seems to have one question about the device -- is this the be-all-end-all Android phone / iPhone eviscerator? In two words: not really.
Throughout the phone there are also new animations and flourishes which make Android 2.1 feel way more polished than previous iterations (including the Droid's 2.0.1), though it's still got a ways to go to matching something like the iPhone or even Pre in terms of fit and finish.

The Nexus One is a Google branded phone running their Android operating system. The promise of such a phone was a no compromises phone that would presumably be poised to take on the iPhone. The Nexus One is said to be officially launched tomorrow.