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Are Apple Laptop Updates Still on Track for October?

With the October 14th date quickly approaching, some are speculating that it may be too late to expect an Apple event to be held on that date. That's not to say that Apple can't release new laptops without a media event.

Most of Apple's laptop refreshes have been simple press-release updates that have not triggered full media events. Though, if the recent rumors of radical new case designs are to be believed, one would think that Apple will want to showcase the new laptops to the media.

A rumor posted earlier this month from, however, claimed that there would be no October 14th event and the earliest we should expect updates is November.

We're still not sure what to make of The Taiwanese blog previously posted photos claiming to be of the new MacBook Pro and new MacBook. While the site has not yet established a reliable track record, Appleinsider claimed their leaked MacBook Pro image was authentic.