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T-Mobile To Offer Android-Based Phone By Christmas

T-Mobile will be the first carrier to offer an Android-based mobile phone, according to a report by the New York Times. The phone will be manufactured by HTC and will likely draw comparisons to Apple's iPhone.

The high-end phone is expected to match many of the capabilities of Apples iPhone and other so-called smartphones that run software from Palm, Research in Motion, Microsoft and Nokia to access the Internet and perform computerlike functions. The HTC phone, which many gadget sites are calling the dream, will have a touch screen, like the iPhone. But the screen also slides out to expose a full five-row keyboard.

Since it was announced last November, Google's Android mobile phone platform and SDK has seen its share of criticism as development has continued.

According to the article, a recent low-quality YouTube video posted of the phone and its software is likely accurate.

It's recently been rumored that T-Mobile is preparing to launch an app-store for all of its devices.