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Apple's Earnings Results to Focus on Mac (and iPod)

Bloomberg reports that Apple's earnings report later today will focus on Mac and iPod sales which make up for 75% of the company's revenue. Despite the prominent iPhone 3G launch last week, those sales fall outside the reporting window for today's earnings. In addition, the supplies of iPhones that were sold during this past quarter will not be reported upon until next quarter:

Supplies of the original version of the iPhone dwindled in May as Apple prepared the updated 3G model. Sacconaghi estimates that Apple shipped 715,000 iPhones in the quarter before running out. Because new software that was promised as a free upgrade wasn't available until July 11, those shipments won't count as sales until later, Apple said in April.

So, iPhone-weary readers may be spared extensive iPhone coverage during today's financial results. Despite the extensive media focus on the iPhone, one portfolio manager clarifies that "the Mac is the primary reason [they] own Apple shares". He specifically cites accelerated growth in Apple's PC business over the past few years.

Apple is predicted to have experienced 36% growth year-over-year from last year's revenue and will be webcasting their official financial results at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET on Monday, July 21st.