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3G iPhone to Support 42Mbps Evolved HSPA?

At this point, it seems obvious that the next version of the iPhone will support 3G technology, allowing for faster download speeds than the current iPhone EDGE network. Specifically, the 3G-capable iPhone will reportedly support a protocol known as HSPA. AT&T just announced that they will be completing their HSPA deployment by June, in time for the rumored 3G iPhone launch.

HSPA comes in a variety of speeds, however, and AT&T's implementation is said to offer 1.4 Mbps (~175KB/s) download and 800Kbps (100KB/s) upload speeds when complete. A newer version of HSPA called Evolved HSPA, however, promises download speeds of 42 Mbps (~5250KB/s). claims that the new iPhone will indeed be able to support these network speeds on Australia's Telstra network. According to a senior executive of Telstra:

We know what is coming we have seen the new device and it will be available on our network as soon as it is launched in the USA. By Xmas this phone will be capable of 42mbs which will make it faster than a lot of broadband offerings and the fastest iPhone on any network in the world

Apple is rumored to launch the 3G-capable iPhone on June 9th at the Worldwide Developer Conference.