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Apple / AT&T Television Ad Says iPhone "Coming June 29th" [Official Video]

Apple and AT&T advertised tonight on television that the iPhone will be available starting on June 29th, 2007. The advertisement demonstrates the various functions of the iPhone.

While we have a Youtube video capture thanks to Aperture, Apple has now posted official full quality versions of the ads:

Update: There are 3 iPhone ads, now posted on

Some observations about the ads from Baron58

Logo on the phone is 'AT&T' not 'at&t'
Date (on iPhone) is 3 June (today), nice touch
Time (on iPhone) is 9:42 all the way through on all three ads. Faked for consistency, obviously.
Icons on the main screen are in a different order than in the older pictures.
The 'Web' button/icon at the bottom of the screen has been renamed to 'Safari', presumably to build brand awareness and make it easier for people when they see references to 'Safari' on websites (for compatibility, say).
2 year contract required, no other details (i.e., no separate statement about voice vs. data service)