Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) Pricing and Upgrades

Adobe is planning a media event on March 27th (Tuesday) to announce Creative Suite 3 pricing and availability. Amazon jumped the gun a little and posted a few pages revealing product specs and pricing for several of the CS3 products with ship dates of April 20th and July 1st, depending on the product.

We've received pricing information for the entire Adobe CS3 line of products and included it in a table below:

ProductRetail Pricing
CS3 Design Premium$1799.95
CS3 Design Standard$1199.95
CS3 Web Premium $1599.95
CS3 Web Standard$999.95
CS3 Production Premium$1699
CS3 Master Collection $2499
InDesign CS3$699.95
Photoshop CS3 Extended$999.95
Photoshop CS3$649.95
Illustrator CS3$599.95
Flash CS3 Professional$699.95
Dreamweaver CS3$399.95
Fireworks CS3$299.95
Contribute CS3$149.95
After Effects CS3 Professional$999
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3$799

Academic Pricing available at the Adobe Store.

Prices represent full retail prices and products are linked to Amazon descriptions where applicable. "up"-links denote links to upgrade-products at Amazon. This upgrade pricing (not listed above) is available to owners of earlier versions of Adobe software. To see upgrade prices and see if you can qualify for these updates, see this full upgrade pricing table.

Adobe's new CS3 bundles can be confusing, so to see what is included in each bundle, refer to this matrix:

Adobe's CS3 represents the first version of Adobe's popular graphics suite which supports Intel Macs natively. This should provide significant speed boosts over the current (PowerPC) versions running on Intel Macs. Adobe's slow transition to Intel is cited as one of the reasons for relatively slow Mac Pro sales over the past few quarters.