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Beatles and Apple? Feb 4th Superbowl Announcement?

TorontoSun is reporting that Apple and EMI are on the verge of announcing the digital release of the Beatles' catalog.

As per usual, Apple/EMI is presently mum, but sources with knowledge of the project say that two scenarios are possible for the release of the minimum 11 UK albums.

One early Page 2 report claimed the release would come on or around Valentine's Day (Feb 14th). TorontoSun lays out a couple of possibilities for the release, including a more gradual launch over the coming months, or the, instead, entire UK catalogue hitting stores the first week of June.

As previously reported, the remastered Beatles collection is expected to be exclusive to the iTunes Store for three months.

The article also claims that Apple has a "special" announcement scheduled for a Super Bowl commercial on February 4th.

Many have noted that Steve Jobs used Beatles songs to demonstrate the iPhone during the Macworld San Francisco 2007 keynote, possibily hinting at an imminent annonucement.