Mac Pro To Get Dual Optical Drive Slots?

Apple's forthcoming Mac Pro will sport dual Optical Drive slots, if a recent report from AppleInsider pans out. In addition, the power supply is rumored to be moved from the bottom of the enclosure to the top. Otherwise, the enclosure (mockup) would remain largely unchanged from today's PowerMac G5 design.

This is contrary to what ThinkSecret currently believes -- that the Mac Pro enclosure change will be a more radical departure from the present design to signify the processor change.

Also mentioned in the AppleInsider article is an unconfirmed report of possible specifications for the new machines with the "Best" configuration topping out at two 2.66 Ghz Xeon processors. This anonymous source sent possible specs for the Mac Pro to both MacRumors and Appleinsider, and while the validity of the specs are uncertain, the anonymous specs also independently claimed the new Mac Pro would have two optical drives.

Good: Dual-Core 2GHz Intel Xeon, 512MB DDR 667, ATI Radeon X1600 Pro, 250GB Hard Drive,$1799
Better: Dual-Core 2.33GHz Intel Xeon, 1GB DDR2 667, ATI Radeon X1800 Pro, 320GB Hard Drive, $2499
Best: Two Dual-Core 2.66 Intel Xeon, 1GB DDR2 667, ATI Radeon X1800 Pro, 320GB Hard Drive, $3299

Other specs/ports similar to current PowerMacs with the exception of the two Optical drives as described above.

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