iTunes 4.9 Now Available

iTunes 4.9, now available through Software Update or via download, was released in preparation for the rumored announcement of an iTunes-enabled mobile phone. The new iTunes version supports Podcasts and a new Podcasts section of the iTunes Music Store.

With iTunes 4.9, you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts from within the iTunes Music Store. Podcasts are frequently updated radio-style shows downloadable over the Internet. You can also transfer podcasts to iPod, for listening on the go.

Macshrine reports that language files in iTunes 4.9 include messages referring to use of iTunes with mobile phones. MacRumors confirms that iTunes 4.9 includes messages such as "Phone Preferences", "Configure Phone", and "iPod Phone Prefs".

The new store section also features instructions (PDF file) for Podcasters to submit their Podcasts (and artwork) by specifying the address of the RSS feed, and a Podcasts Frequently Asked Questions page. "Enhanced Podcasts" can contain chapters that reference images or web links that will be displayed within iTunes as the Podcast plays, constructed using Chapter Tool (download), a tool used within the Terminal application.