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X800 Video Card Wednesday? [Now Available]

According to one source, the ATI X800 video card could be debuted for the Mac as early as January 5th. The X800 was apparently shown as a demo at the Digital Life Expo in New York in a Power Mac G5. It will be capable of driving ONE 30" display, because there is one ADC port and one Dual-link DVI port. Additionally, the card will only take up ONE slot (its own AGP 8x slot), unlike the 6800 Ultra and GT.

At the time of the demo, nothing was known about the pricing or availability.

[UPDATE] The X800 XT has been announced by ATI as rumored, and will have a pricetag of $499. As this is a Retail card, it will be AGP-8X to fit with Apple's existing G5 offerings despite the wishes of many mac fans hoping that the card would accompany Powermac updates with PCI-Express. G4 Powermacs are not supported.

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