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Potential Apple Product Update Dates?

Last week, MacRumors received confirmation of impending Dual PowerMac and Display updates in the near future. As stated in the previous report, however, no release date has been provided.

Most eyes are fixed on an unconfirmed report claiming a release on Tuesday, March 23rd.

Many readers, however, have noted that Apple has a number of promotions (Educational, and Memory upgrades) that end on March 27th. This coincides with the end of Apple's 2nd Financial Quarter for 2004... leading some to speculate that March 30th may be the day (should Apple continue in tradition with Tuesday releases). Coincidentally, IBM is holding an event on March 31st, providing a roadmap for the company's Power processor -- though it's unclear if this will specifically address the PowerPC processor itself.

Finally, Apple themselves will be holding a Event ("Moving Pictures. Moving Sound. Moving the Industry") on April 18th at the NAB conference.

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