Apple and Symbiot Rumors

The following anonymous submission has been sent to a number of sites (Appleinsider, Apple-X, MacRumors):

Apple appears to be working with the guys at Symbiot (or as I call them, builder's of SkyNET According to several rumors floating around over near 1 Infinite loop over the last couple of months, Apple has been seeding prototype Xserves (based on the G5) into Symbiot for use in creating a solution that 'Attacks Hackers Back'. I thought this was crap until this morning when I saw a press release from Symbiot in which Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice-president of Worldwide Developer Relation said -- "Symbiot's iSIMS running on Xserve G5 creates a compelling value proposition for enterprise customers that want to STRIKE BACK AGAINST NETWORK-BASED ATTACKS"!

Rumor has it that Apple has secretly invested over $3M in the technology to give them a "Killer App" for enterprise customers (which they seriously lack). I did some vanity surfing and found that a few members of the management team are x-Apple employees. One from Apple R&D!

You guys should really cover this, several people (including me) have been thinking it was an April Fool's joke, apparently it's not! Apple is seemingly behind the biggest event in information security history!!!

So the question is -- will Steve Jobs solve all of Bill Gates security issues by building "SkyNET"? Wow! I can see it now, Microsoft can't protect their customers, but Apple will protect the entire Internet! Nice.

Accuracy/reliability unknown.