Site News: Macrumors Redesign

MacRumors site design has been updated.

The new design preserves the basic feel of MacRumors but brings improved "standards" compliance and improved site navigation. Raw HTML file sizes should also be reduced.

Please report any errors or navigational difficulties to arn.

MacRumors' Forums will also see a major version upgrade in the future at which time the forum style will be brought into line with the new design.

A few things to note:

- Ad free 'contributors' version will be functional shortly.
- Permanent story links can now be found by clicking on the Article Titles.
- Forums will follow.
- Should look much better on PDAs and CellPhones
- Article ratings are temporarily absent... they will return
- The top header area may seem somewhat empty when smaller ads appear

Note: if you would like to compare to the old design, you can see the previous MacRumors' design here.