PowerMac G5 Reports and Benchmarks

PowerMac reports continue to trickle in to MacBytes.com.

- Barefeats posted PowerMac G5 2GHz Cinebench 2003 benchmarks.

- Japan G5s to be delayed until September.

- G5 1.8GHz Cinebench scores.

- Virtual PC refuses to run on the PowerMac G5.

Surprisingly few new reports of 1.6GHz G5s have emerged, and no detailed Photoshop results are yet available.

The author of Xbench clarified to xlr8yourmac.com that the current version of Xbench is not well equipped to benchmark the G5 machines:

    Xbench 1.0 uses the vec_dst instruction, in the altivec test, and the memory stream tests, which causes a big performance hit on the G5. I talked to some Apple engineers at WWDC about the issue and am working on a 1.1 release that avoids using vec_dst when running on the G5.
    The new release should be out real soon.

    -- author of Xbench

Update: Xbench 1.1 is now available and is now optimized for the PowerMac G5. New results for the PowerMac G5 1.6GHz running XBench 1.1 on Chaosmint.com.

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