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PowerMac G5 Photos, Benchmarks and Smeagol

- After some controversy regarding Apple's G5 Benchmark -- which has been discussed extensively in this thread -- Apple's Hardware VP Greg Joswiak provides comments/responses to the criticism.

- Confirming previous reports, it appears the PowerMac will ship with Mac OS X 10.2.7 per this PowerMac G5 Tech Overview PDF (as noted Spymac). Apple also confirms the codename to this Jaguar update by referencing the update in this G5 Developer Note:

    This API will be named OSSystemInfo and is scheduled to appear in Smeagol and Panther.

- Numerous photos of the new PowerMac at WWDC have also cropped up:

- An XBench comparison site claims to have XBench benchmarks of a 2GHz PowerMac G5. However, these numbers are different from these XBench numbers posted to the forums. It's unclear what accounts for the discrepancy.

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