Pioneer DVD+R/+RW Support

MacWorld UK reports that Pioneer has announced a new version of its DVD/CD Writer ("Superdrive"), which is used in many Macs.

The new drive incorporates support for the DVD+R/+RW standard:

    Since there are several formats in the marketplace, however, confusion is rampant, especially among beginners, who demand a product that can handle these various formats, so as to ease their worries about standard media of the future. In response, Pioneer's new DVR-A06-J DVD/CD writer is designed to handle +R and +RW discs, in addition to DVD-R and DVD-RW discs.

There were reports that some iMacs came with a Sony DVD-writer which also supports the DVD+R/+RW standard... however, Apple only officially supports the DVD-R/-RW standard at this time.