New Apple Ad... Ain't it Cool?

Matt Pruett and Electic Oz let us know that Harry Knowles of Aint-It-Cool-News has been hinting at being in an upcoming Apple commercial... From his Spiderman Review:

Last night, I was talking to Quint, who was stunned that I still hadnt seen SPIDER-MAN. Anybody that knows me has been stunned. It is simply way out of character that the weekend had passed and I hadnt seen SPIDER-MAN.

I told him that my recent trip to New York to shoot a commercial for Apple was partly responsible. I did have an offer from a reader while I was up there to see the film in New York, but I wanted to see SPIDER-MAN with my father and my best movie-going buddy.

Matt followed up with an email to Harry, with this response:

"It is a series of television commercials. Or so I understand, shot by the Academy Award winning documentarian Errol Morris!"