Game Shows Native GeForce 3 Support Under OS X has posted an article explaining that the upcoming Mac port (OS X only) of the popular PC game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto will utilize specific features of the GeForce 3 video board, if present in your system:

Nvidia's main web site has a button that links to screenshots and comments on Giants for the Mac which will be an OS X only title. Giants is said to be the first game that will use the GeForce3's pixel/vertex shaders.

This is great news given that many were fearful that the host of powerful and (currently) unique features that the GeForce 3 offers would be lost on the Mac, since on the PC, exploitation of the board depends heavily on Microsoft's proprietary DirectX 8 system. It is believed that Giants will require OS X v10.1, since a specific GeForce 3 driver will be bundled with that version of the OS (current OS X uses GeForce 2 drivers to power the GeForce 3, lacking support of its specific features). Excellent news for any gaming fans, to be sure.