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OS X Yosemite Beta Failing to Download for Some Users

After announcing its OS X beta program at WWDC in June, Apple yesterday released the first beta version of the operating system to the public amid favorable reviews. For a growing number of people, the early impressions of OS X have not been positive due to a downloading issue that has prevented the installation of the OS.

Users in MacRumors forums, Apple support forums and on Reddit have complained about not being able to download OS X Yosemite from the Mac App Store. These users have successfully redeemed a promo code and initiated the installation, only to have it fail during the download process. This issue has persisted more than 24 hours after the beta was released, suggesting it is not a problem with server overload.
All Apple's online services are fully operational, and Apple support has not mentioned any potential issues that could interfere with OS X downloads. Several users have reported that using a VPN and selecting an alternative country such as Canada has solved the download issue, while others have chosen to delay the install indefinitely.

Apple's beta program has made OS X Yosemite available to up to a million new, non-developer users who now are experiencing the OS for the first time. Beta users can check out our first impressions post as well as our forums for troubleshooting tips, known issues and more.

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18 months ago

I don't understand why people are having problems.

It's very simple.

Probably because you don't have a very big imagination.
Rating: 10 Votes
18 months ago
happening to me to

Happening at home and work.
Comcast at home
state provided internet at work
Rating: 5 Votes
18 months ago
Thank god a big blog picked this up! (that's my reddit post).

I've been trying to get this solved since yesterday at about 10:00 AM PDT!

- Jon
Rating: 3 Votes
18 months ago
It just looks so cold and dead. Gone are the days of a friendly mac.
Rating: 2 Votes
18 months ago

I got the e-mail, clicked the link, and it downloaded and installed in short order. I don't understand why people are having problems.

It's very simple.

It just won't download for some people, its nothing they're doing wrong.

I downloaded it last night just fine, I must have been lucky.
Rating: 2 Votes
18 months ago
I solved it!!

I have failed at least 50 times sincere yesterday.

Here is what I did.

I changed my DNS Server.

On another thread here I asked for people to share where the live if they were having the problem. I noticed no East coast locations.

I have Comcast and I also use an airport express. I opened airport utility and changed my DNS Server to the East Coast identifier.

I then started the download again and it worked. My browser acted slow and funny but the app store worked just great. (
Rating: 2 Votes
18 months ago
Put me down for +1 for downloaded and installed yesterday evening with no problems.
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18 months ago

This means Apple is doomed...right? :rolleyes:

I'm so sorry. (Fellow CenturyLink customer here.) Took me 47 hours to download OS X Yosemite DP1. I wish I were exaggerating.

The worst part is that they don't care about improving service.
Rating: 1 Votes
17 months ago
Dullest of dull threads

Yeah .... lets all talk about how 'foo' does not download from 'bar' for the first 24 hours of releasing new shiny 'insert desired metasyntactic variable'
Rating: 1 Votes
18 months ago
I successfully downloaded the OS X Yosemite beta 1 with no problem, I installed the OS beta on my VMWARE base on my observation, it runs smoothly and the performance is much faster than the OS mountain lion and mavericks. It feels like the same performance of the snow leopard OS.:D

Specs: macbook pro 13 inch mid 2010 4gig ram 500gb core 2 duo 2.66ghz OS: maverick 10.9.4
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